Why Use A Recruiter?

Unemployment in the U.S. is at an 18-year low, which gives job-seekers significant power in a candidate-driven market. Despite this fact, searching for new opportunities can still be confusing: with companies hiring quickly, how can you be sure you are a good fit? Recruiters can make your job search easier by filtering your options and using their market expertise to help you plan your next move. Here are a few tips to streamline your job search using a recruiter:

Cut Through the Noise

Quality talent is at a premium, which makes for a chaotic job market. When competition is fierce, onboarding and hiring move much faster, which can lead to candidates ending up in jobs they don’t love, which leads to quick turnover. Working with a dedicated recruiter, you can ignore the hectic market and focus on making the career move that is right for you. Placement professionals help you focus your search and find your ideal opportunity.

Upgrade Your Network

The average job seeker is fishing from a small pool when trying to use their own network to find opportunities. Limiting your network means limiting your options. You may have some success with personal connections, but compared to a recruiter’s network, you are barely scratching the surface. Leveraging a professional’s relationships provides exposure to more options for job title, company culture, and salary.

Beyond knowing the market, recruiters know people. Negotiating with a stranger sitting across the table is difficult; recruiters have working relationships with HR professionals and can help you get fair compensation for the job. They know the company and can give you an honest assessment of the culture. Even (and perhaps especially) when you have options, it pays to have someone who knows the market in your corner.

Create Lasting Connections

Beyond the opportunities that recruiters currently provide, they are an investment in your future. Good recruiters keep a network of quality candidates with whom they have worked with previously. Your new opportunity is wonderful now, but what about in a couple of years? Or if you are looking to move up? Having someone who is plugged into the market and can advocate for you is essential.


Helping you navigate the clutter of the job market, to being an advocate for you down the line, having a quality recruiter makes all the difference. At Turn2Partners, our philosophy is to put relationships first. We have been placing quality local talent in Washington D.C. and surrounding areas for years, and our network is only growing. Come see how we can put the joy back into your job search. Contact us today at 571-302-4999 or info@turn2partners.com.