The Pitfalls of Relying on AI Recruitment Tools

Artificial intelligence has changed the game. In a variety of industries, from finance, to healthcare, to education and beyond, AI allows professionals to parse through data more efficiently and automate formerly time-intensive tasks.

In the recruiting sphere, AI technology is breaking into the workplace. AI offers the ability to scan resumes and identify potential candidates in the market. While some recruiters are eager to shift to an AI-based recruitment model, the tech still has a long way to go. At Turn2, we put people first – and in doing so, we source long-term, successful matches for our clients and candidates. From our perspective, here’s why relying on AI for staffing isn’t the most scalable or sustainable strategy.

More Than Just a Resume

As mentioned, one of the most highly-touted benefits of AI recruiting software is the capacity to sift through large volumes of resumes. Nowadays, job postings will regularly elicit hundreds of applications, leaving the hiring manager or HR coordinator to digest employment data from candidates, which is presented in a variety of formats, fonts, and styles. AI can help cut through the noise a bit.

However, the benefits pretty much end there. Artificial intelligence can only perform to the limits of its code, which is designed to search for certain keywords, phrases, and job titles. If candidates simply use different syntax or adjectives to describe their past work experiences, their resume could be filtered out by AI software and their application discarded. What if an absolute ringer candidate worked at a firm that used different terminology in their titles? Allowing a program to cast their resume aside would be a huge blunder.

Cultural Fit Is Key

Furthermore, a candidate is so much more than a quantifiable list of roles on a resume. Each past experience, whether directly related to the employer or not, serves to teach valuable lessons and color the personality of the individual. At the end of the day, your firm will be hiring a living, breathing person with ideas, talents, and opinions. Gauging these qualities can only be done effectively by a human professional. 

This new team member will sit and work alongside your team every day, contributing to the overall dynamic of the company. The reason why so many candidates care about company culture is because it truly matters. A tough job can be made bearable with the right people. Conversely, interesting work can be soured by a bad boss. Thus, it’s absolutely key to evaluate the potential cultural fit of each candidate – not just their list of accomplishments.

Working with a recruiter who fully vets candidates for both relevant experience and personality fit yields better results and healthier businesses.

A Tool, Not a Strategy

All in all, AI presents an exciting opportunity for the recruitment industry in a variety of ways. Perhaps there are certain processes that, over time, can be automated by software. This would allow recruiters to spend more of their time dealing with candidates and clients on a personal basis. In turn, AI would help to source solutions and evaluate people-based problems more attentively.

However, relying on AI to do the jobs of recruiters introduces a myriad of pitfalls. Until AI can gauge candidates for character, personality, ambition, and cultural fit, we should leave candidate evaluation to the professionals.

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