How Emerging Technologies Can Inform Your Hiring Process

There is so much that goes into the hiring process that corporate recruiters have become increasingly reliant on emerging technologies to aid in finding candidates for their clients. Even just a few years ago, some of this tech would have been scoffed at for use in the hiring process. But as we all know, the pandemic has changed how companies function on a fundamental level so of course how companies find new talent has seen its own share of changes.

From the intake of applications to the interviews themselves, how companies go about adding to their teams has embraced emerging technologies to the benefit of both themselves and also the client. The overarching theme is about meeting the applicant where they are before coming together. Here are a few for you to consider implementing for your organization.

Applying Made Easy

The application process can be tedious and companies who have streamlined their processes have reaped the benefits. Uploading your resume just to then manually enter each item separately has long been lampooned by job-seekers. Now companies have been forced to reexamine all of their processes, the applications have become much sleeker and user-friendly. Rather than the tedium of repeating themselves, applicants now find themselves filling out surveys that help determine if they are a good personality match for the company. This engages applicants in a way that makes them feel as though their time is well spent.

Companies and corporate recruiters have taken advantage of ATS technology in order to effectively track applications as they are received. This avoids candidates falling through the cracks. ATS technology can also be used as a filter to remove candidates who do not qualify.

Interview From Your Kitchen

Perhaps the most obvious and jarring change to the hiring process has been the shifting of in-person interviews to using video conferencing technology for interviews. Many companies are now using the likes of Zoom and Microsoft Teams to conduct at least their first round of interviews. While they certainly have a different feel to them than in-person interviews, virtual interviews have also presented advantages to both candidates and organizations. 

For the companies and corporate recruiters, it allows them to cast as wide of a net as possible when looking to fill vacancies. They can interview prospects from across the globe if needed. 

For applicants, these emerging technologies allow them to save time and effort. They no longer need to travel to the office, sitting in traffic and paying for parking all for the hope that they get the position. This encourages them to keep applying should the first few possibilities fall through.

Optimize for Mobile

For years many of us have done just about everything from our phones. Pay bills, shop, game – it goes on and on. Until recently however, the most we would do in terms of searching for a job would be to scour sites for openings and then sit down at our laptops to actually apply. Many companies have embraced mobile technology as a way to find excellent candidates and have optimized their process for mobile. In doing so, they have been able to find the right person for the role – even those who were only passively searching. 

Fishing With a Wider Net

Embracing emerging technologies has given corporate recruiters an excellent opportunity to find the best fit for their clients. It helps them signal that they are a great company to work for by making the application as user friendly as can be. It keeps them nimble by utilizing the fluidity of video conferencing. Lastly, by optimizing their application process for mobile, they are able to catch the attention of even passive searchers – getting applicants they may not have otherwise.

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