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Landing top-notch technology talent in the Washington DC area is no small feat. It’s a highly competitive market with both job seekers and potential employers in need of a trusted way to find technology candidates in Washington DC.  Most recruiters will try to fit you into a box. They will expect you to fit within a set of criteria so they can easily shuffle you along and use your placement as another metric. Turn2Partners believes that if you make it personal, you will connect companies and candidates in a way that will lead to on-going success and growth for both parties.

Turn2Partners is an excellent resource in the area for both parties to turn to. With a transparent, impeccable history of finding talent, companies know that prospects found through our service are both qualified and respected in their field. In turn, this makes Turn2Partners the premier source to find technology candidates in Washington DC to work with for professionals. If you are a firm in need of people who will make great additions to your team or you are in the field and searching for your next opportunity – read on below to see how Turn2Partners can provide solutions:

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Turn2Partners is here to help professionals find their next big opportunity and help businesses find staffing solutions that will provide lasting value to their technology department.

Make It Personal – We pride ourselves in making personal connections with both employers and professionals with needs in the Finance and Accounting, Technology and HR and Administrative fields. We believe that these connections are what build lasting partnerships between us and our clients as well as for clients with their newly added team members.

We offer direct hire, contract and contract-to-hire placement in all of the fields we work with. By creating connections with our clients we help to ensure that employers are confident they are landing the perfect candidate for their organization while giving professionals the confidence that they are being set up for success in their new role.