The Essential Skills Employers Are Seeking in HR Candidates

You have likely heard it said recently: “it’s a candidate’s market out there.” While elements of that statement may be true – resignations rose 20% year-over-year, and by July 2021, over 11 million job vacancies existed in the economy. This means that employers are actively fighting for the best candidates, and qualified professionals have more options and stronger leverage than before the pandemic.

However, this doesn’t mean that candidates have it easy. The workforce is more educated and highly-skilled than ever before, and every applicant must submit an impressive resume and wow in the interview process to be extended an offer. In human resources specifically, a branch of governance that nearly every modern business invests in, the bar is substantially high. How can HR candidates set themselves apart? The recruiters at Turn2Partners share some of the top attributes and skills HR employers are seeking in 2022. Candidates who gear their resumes towards the expression of these key characteristics will be a step ahead of the competition.

1. Multi-Tasking Ability

As an HR professional, you will likely be juggling the schedules and preferences of teams of people, or even entire departments. Those who can effectively multi-task and balance various components of the human side of the business will add serious value to their teams.

2. Teamwork

Hand-in-hand with the management of teams is the ability to work harmoniously within them. As a candidate, highlight moments in your career that you have exhibited a team-oriented mindset, or served as a mediator between two parties. In a people-facing line of work, team players will always find their way to the top of the resume pile.

3. Trustworthiness

Depending on your role within human resources, employees at various levels may come to you with private information that relates to another co-worker. You must be able to professionally and confidentially deal with issues by escalating them carefully and properly when necessary. Your team must be able to trust you as their ally in HR.

4. Communication Skills

While important in every corporate role, communicative ability is especially important in human resources. The focal point of your job is people, their preferences, their schedules, their goals, etc. You must be able to speak to these important and sensitive subjects with clarity and precision. Excellent grammar and punctuation is a must. A background in writing can help distinguish human resources candidates from the pack.

5. Organization

This attribute follows naturally from those discussed above. Employees of the firm often look to human resources professionals for guidance on everything from training to hiring to compensation. You must be able to deliver clear instructions and guidelines that come from a place of confidence, and the ability to do this only comes from being extremely organized.

6. Empathy

The softest skill of the bunch, HR professionals must be cognizant of the fact that they are not dealing with numbers on a screen; these are living, breathing people with hopes, dreams, and lives outside of work. A strong human resources candidate must have a demonstrated ability to empathize with others and relate to their struggles and successes. From personal to professional, your teammates will inevitably come to you with a wide variety of concerns and questions, and you need to be able to handle them cordially and intelligently.

Amplify Your HR Career Search

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