Key Advice for Starting Your Administrative Career

Administration roles often serve as pillars of an organization. From running day-to-day schedules of leadership and the company, managing public relations and making sure the organization is running and operating smoothly, administrative professionals wear many hats. Administrative professionals have to know just about everything that happens each day. Their ability to think and communicate clearly, keep calm under pressure and multitask are often what make them so successful, and in turn, what makes a company successful. 

If you’re beginning a career in administration, prepare yourself by taking the following advice. 

Assess Your Skills

As we mentioned, administrative professionals often take on many different roles. To do so successfully, you’ll need a rounded set of soft skills. First and foremost, consider how your communication skills are, both written and verbal. How clearly can you relay information? Do you have to explain yourself in multiple different ways before someone understands what you’re saying? In emails, do you use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation? Clear communication is key for beginning a career in administration. 

The ability to multi-task is also of utmost importance. Administration roles ask much of an individual, requiring attention in multiple directions at once. If you’re considering a career in administration, think about how well you can multitask and give genuine attention and diligence to each task at hand.

Finally, consider if you are an organized person or not. Oftentimes, administrative professionals are considered “Type A” individuals. They will handle loads of information, tasks and conversations each day, and will need to understand what is being asked of them, and what they need to delegate to others. Do you keep a tidy desk? Is your calendar up to date? Start your administrative career on the right foot and assess your skills and work on areas of improvement. 

Perfect Your Resume

Your resume is one of the best ways to demonstrate the aforementioned skills you have. Before you begin your administrative career, take time to polish your resume. Highlight relevant achievements in past roles and experience. Show how you contribute meaningfully to an organization, whether that be with specific examples or broad statements. 

Your resume should reflect your personality. Make sure it accurately portrays your skills and experience. Take out excess or irrelevant experience not related to your administration career goals. A clean, one-page resume is ideal. Comb through your resume and keep an eye out for grammar and spelling mistakes. If you practice diligence and professionalism in all aspects of your life, you will have a successful administrative career. 

Make Connections

Finally, as you begin your career in administration, network with others. Meeting other administrative professionals and making connections will help you as you jumpstart your career. You can learn from others and get advice on how to be successful in administration. Networking also gives you a chance to get to know the industry more, and how you can apply different skills to different aspects of your profession. 

Each administrative opportunity is different. Being an administrative professional across different industries may require different skills or knowledge. Learn from other professionals and find out what you need to be successful in an administrative career. 

Begin Your Administrative Career with Turn2Partners

As you begin your career as an administrative professional, take some time to look inward. Assess your skills and take action to improve. Clean up your resume to reflect your personality. Finally, reach out to others and learn from your connections. This advice for a successful career in administration can give you a competitive head start.

Once you’re ready to get your administrative career off the ground, turn to the recruiting team at Turn2Partners. Our recruiters have expert industry insights and will work with you to find the right administrative opportunities in Washington, D.C. and beyond. Together, we will build a lasting partnership to set you up for career success. Find your next administrative opportunity near you, or learn more about how Turn2Partners can help you.