Embracing a Multi-Generational Workforce

As 61 Million Gen-Zers enter the workforce, the anxiety surrounding the multi-generational workforce increases. The discussions on this issue hone in on the generational differences, like drink preferences and dating habits, that divide Gen-Z from Millenials, Gen-Xers, and Boomers. While these are interesting topics, the discussion misses the simpler, more important question: “How can we work together?”

1. New Office Space

One of the first things you should realize when trying to unite your multi-generational team is that they’re all different. And that’s okay. Instead of finding ways to make your team the same, accept their differences.

Consider creating a “flexible workspace” by incorporating different office zones like open workstations, quiet rooms, and designated spaces for relaxing and recharging. This way, employees can choose an environment that’s most effective for them. A well-designed and flexible office space will encourage collaboration, focus, and productivity by allowing your employees to enjoy their personal work style.

2. Train Together

Once again, closing the generational gap requires an understanding that every person is an individual. Annoyance with other employees is usually a result of skill gaps, especially in technology, so training your team on the latest tech tools is essential.

Encourage your employees to take charge of their technological tools by creating a transparent culture of learning. Consider web-based, self-paced training, so teammates of all ages can learn at their own pace and gain new skills. Custom training empowers employees of all ages, regardless of age. After effective training, Gen-Zers won’t get frustrated with Boomers because they’ll be able to use gmail correctly, and Boomers will understand the technology platforms and won’t mistrust Gen-Zers.

3. Learn from Each Other

At the end of each day or week, have your team ask themselves and each other, “what did I learn today?” If they can’t think of anything, it’s probably because they weren’t asking enough questions. If you foster a culture of learning, your team will be more likely to ask questions and help each other. This ongoing conversation and collaboration will help the various generations set their differences aside and work together.

The Future with Turn2

As our workforce evolves, we should embrace the new possibilities that a younger generation can bring to the workplace. Turn2 Partners in DC helps companies build incredible teams, of all ages. Looking for a new career or lacking the right candidate? Turn2Partners will help recruit your dream team. Contact us at 571-302-4999 or visit turn2partners.com to start looking.