Striking While the Market’s Hot: How to Land a Great Technology Job

It has never been a better time to search for a job in the technology industry. While many industry leaders and managers may be complaining about a labor shortage, the fact of the matter is that unemployment has decreased to below pre-pandemic levels. Due to business growth and technological innovation, companies are simply having difficulty finding qualified applicants to fill their growing teams.

As a potential candidate, this means that the odds are now in your favor. You bring more leverage to the bargaining table, as well as more potential opportunity from the get-go. So, what steps should you take to actually land the tech job you want? The talent search professionals at Turn2Partners share 5 key tips.

Update Your Resume

Chances are, if you have been working steadily, you may not have updated your resume in months. To avoid the rush of late-night edits to get an updated version to a potential employer, preempt the process by refreshing the document while still working at your current job, or before beginning the application process.

While you are still engaged in the work, you will be much better able to articulate your achievements and experiences. Keep your resume simple, precise, and honest.

Refresh Your Online Profiles

A similar approach should be taken for your online profiles as well. Potential employers spend hours searching via LinkedIn and other job boards, and if they come across your profile, you want to put your best foot forward.

Your online profiles should be similar to your resume in terms of information covered, but more concise. You also have a license to be a bit more creative and show your personality, while maintaining professionalism.

Invest in New IT Skills & Certifications

Technology professionals can expect higher compensation and more consistent offers when they have a larger toolbelt of honed skills. By investing in growing your knowledge base in the tech space, you become a more attractive asset to employers.

Online learning is readily available nowadays through platforms such as LinkedIn Learning or Global Knowledge, which can help you learn about new subjects and receive valuable certifications. Whether you’d like to code in a new language or expand your knowledge on cybersecurity or cloud computing, there are a host of options available.

Grow Your Network

You may have heard the adage that “your network is your net worth.” While slightly corny and not entirely true, the importance of developing a strong, expansive professional network cannot be overstated. As you grow and develop in your career, those whom you have connected with along the way will influence your trajectory more than you might expect.

Take the time to maintain connections with your current colleagues, even if they work in slightly different fields of expertise than you. It’s impossible to know where this individual will end up, and you would be surprised at how often your everyday connections can open doors for you down the road.

Outside of your firm, make an effort to engage with other professionals in your field to “talk shop.” There are likely industry networking events in your area, which can be a great place to keep your finger on the pulse of the industry.

Team Up with a Search Firm

Landing the right job is magnitudes easier when you have teammates. By connecting with a qualified search professional, you gain access to a larger network of potential employers that you might never discover through cursory online application portals. The right tech recruiter will help evaluate your situation and provide leads that match your culture expectations as well as your career goals.

Going it alone can be a stressful and less fruitful endeavor. The right search professionals in your corner can change that. To find the right tech job for you, work with a recruiter who knows the market.

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