Is A Career Coach Worth It?

Keep reading if this sounds familiar: you work away at your job day in and day out, but you don’t feel happy or fulfilled. You know you’re in the wrong career and it’s time for a career change. Of course, switching careers isn’t uncommon. But if you’re not sure what sort of career you want, you risk trapping yourself again. You consider hiring a career coach as you enter the job market again. 

Working with a great career coach could land you a wonderful and fulfilling career. Working with a bad one could land you in a financial setback. Most career counseling sessions run from $75 to $150 per hour; however, it could be worth the investment. The question is: when is it worth it?

 When Should You Job-Search Alone?

A career coach isn’t always the best fit, in the following instances, you’re better off braving the job market alone:

  • You know what career you want 
  • You know what career you want but lack the skills to do it
  • You aren’t open to advice
  • You’re dealing with personal issues in your life and would be better off with a mental health counselor

In these cases, there’s no need to call in a career coach until you’ve taken lessons to acquire the right skills for the job, tried to network your way into the job, or gone through a number of unsuccessful interviews. Keep in mind, it’s your life and your career. A career coach can help, but you have to do the hard work yourself. If you aren’t willing to listen to advice from a coach then hiring one will certainly be of little help.

When Should You Work With A Coach?

There’s no reason to book a career coach the moment you start to doubt your career choice. But if you’ve experienced the following, it may be time for some professional guidance:  

  • You’re stuck in a series of jobs that go nowhere
  • You’re unhappy at work, but not sure why
  • You’re applying to thousands of jobs without hearing back from HR
  • You’ve gone through many unsuccessful interviews
  • You’ve given up on finding a career you like 

A good career coach won’t look at your resume and recommend a job based on skills, experience, or education. They’ll go beyond your resume to find your source of unhappiness at your job, so you avoid repeating it during your next venture. 

Another reason to hire a career coach is if you’ve been job-hunting for some time without any luck. It’s possible that you’ve been applying to the wrong jobs, or are certainly taking the wrong approach to your application. And if you’re starting to give up or feel hopeless about finding a job you like, a professional’s advice may give you some focus and hope. If it lands you a job sooner rather than later, then the investment is worth the cost.

If You Do Hire A Coach…

Be realistic. Career coaches can help get you on the right path, but they aren’t magicians. You still need to put in the effort while you job-hunt and interview if you want a fulfilling career. 

Finally, your relationship with your career coach doesn’t have to end when you get a new job. It might be useful for you to check-in with your coach every once in a while so they can help you work through your career kinks.

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