How Gen-Zers Approach Work Differently

It’s easy to underestimate Gen-Zers, but with 61 million Gen-Zers entering the workforce that’s not an option anymore. While it’s easy to dismiss them as Snapchat-obsessed snowflakes a Monster study suggests they’re ambitious, hard-working, and well prepared for the workforce. So, how do they approach their work?

At Work 

Compared to the other generations studied by Monster, Gen-Z’s approach to work is surprisingly practical and money focused: their top motivators were a good salary and health insurance.

So much for the office kegs and rock climbing walls used to draw Millennials.

Gen-Zers are more independent, ambitious, and competitive than the previous generations. As Jonah Stillman, author of Gen-Z @ Work says: “We’re looking to compete a bit more…we saw the downfall of the economy. We saw our parents struggle so much at home. … so as we enter the workforce, money is very, very important to us.” 

But it’s not just a cushy salary that motivates Gen-Z. They want their work to positively impact their company and community and value leaders who are kind and caring. They value authenticity in the workforce and prefer criticism and feedback ongoing and direct. Companies can adapt to these desires by increasing transparency, face-to-face communication, honesty, and offering extra paid time off for volunteer efforts or sponsoring a volunteer project. 

After Work

They work after work. Yes, that’s right. Growing up during the 2008 recession and accumulating heavy student loans, they’re focused on maximizing their earnings. Many Gen-Zers pick up a “side hustle” like broadcasting on YouTube or selling crafts on Etsy

If your Gen-Z hires quit, it’s probably because they’re going solo. 42% of Gen-Zers in the Monster study stated they wanted to run their own business someday. That’s 10 percent higher than every other working generation. Companies might want to consider offering more opportunities for independence at work to keep these entrepreneurs on the payroll as long as possible. 

They’re more independent, tech-savvy, and ambitious than previous generations; characteristics that are attractive to employers. The game is to attract, retain and recruit this new generation of talent.

Looking to Hire? 

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