5 Podcasts To Boost Your Career

The average American spends over thirty minutes commuting each day. If you are commuting five days a week that adds up to 200 hours (or nine whole days) spent commuting. Instead of scrolling through Facebook or nodding off, you could use this time for self-improvement. Podcasts are a great way to make use of your time spent commuting. Many podcasts are free and accessible from your smartphone. Whether you’re looking to stay up-to-date on the news, snag a promotion, or switch careers, podcasts are a great way to expand your knowledge.

1. For People Who Freelance.

Being Boss is a podcast hosted by two best friends, successful independent business owners, and mothers Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon, who you’ll want as your best friends. The hosts skillfully balance information with quips from their personal lives, making the podcast humorous and relatable. They take a no-nonsense approach while explaining the work that goes into a business. From accounting to pitches they cover a wide variety of topics helpful to anyone who runs a business or wants to start one.

2. For People Who Think Economics Is Boring.

What began as a reluctant partnership between New York journalist and author Stephen J. Dubner and award-winning economist Steven D. Levitt for The New York Times Magazine turned into Freakonomics. Each podcast has timely lessons that make economics accessible and entertaining. It is a data-driven, relevant, balanced, and anti-sensationalist podcast focused on the facts. Discover the hidden side of everything: from sleep to Brexit, Freakonomics covers it all. This podcast will change your thinking, or at least some of your preconceived ideas, such as “economics is boring.” 

3. For People Who Want to Up-To-Date News on the Economy Without Reading a Bunch.

Created by Alex Blumberg and Adam Davidson during the financial crisis in 2008, Planet Money uses creative and entertaining dialogue and narrative to explain the economy.  From insider trading to the American healthcare system, the hosts draw from primary source material. The result is a accessible content and commentary on relevant issues in the economy. 

4. For People Who Are Creative Entrepreneurs.

Gimlet Media’s documentary-style podcast, StartUp, is refreshing, honest, and entertaining. Season 1 follows the starting of Gimlet Media itself. The podcast follows a 15-year veteran of This American Life and co-founder of the previous podcast Planet Money, Alex Blumberg, as he builds Gimlet Media without any entrepreneurship experience. Blumberg and Matt Leiber, his business partner, attempt to build an empire of journalistic, narrative podcasts. After a lot of naming problems with existing trademarks, they name it Gimlet Media. Blumberg is a genuine story-teller who is transparent about his victories and losses. Not only is the narrative excellent, but Gimlet Media also has a unique and entertaining advertising strategy for their sponsorships.

5. For People Who Want Inspiration and Ideas.

Created by the author of The 4 Hour Work Week Tim Ferris, The Tim Ferris Show gives you variety. It’s is the number one business podcast on Apple Podcasts and it’s also been downloaded over 300 million times. Each episode takes a deep dive into the daily routines, tactics, and philosophy that each celebrity uses in their day-to-day. Past guests include Arnold Schwarzenegger, LeBron James, and Jamie Foxx. 

Whether you’re looking for practical advice for growing your career, managing clients or employees, news, or entertainment; all of the above podcasts will keep you engaged during your long commute home, or your late-nights during tax season.

For People Who Want to Boost Their Career.

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